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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Circuit City Announces Layoffs

Consumer electronics retailer Circuit City will lay off more than 3,000 of its highest paid sales employees as part of its "latest" restructuring plan, In addition the company also expects to close 10 more international stores in the next year, bringing the total number of overseas closures to 65. Let me help refresh everyone's memory that Circuit City did this in 2003 also. Basically all Circuit City is doing is cutting their top performers which they did before. The reality of the CE labor market is there will always be someone to take the job at a lower rate.

I write this to make one point, This is a great time/place to purchase your HDTV's. All HDTV's have a low mark down sale price, walk into one of your local retail store TODAY...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Official Google Reader Blog: Your (Growing) Google Reader Team

Official Google Reader Blog: Your (Growing) Google Reader Team

Television Broadcasting By HDTV Satellite

Are you a player in the LCD arena? And are you asking yourself what this HDTV Satellite technology is all about? The history of HDTV or high definition television is a short read. Although the technology has been available for quite some time it has not been possible to package it in economic and supply until recently.

What Comprises a HDTV Satellite System?

The components of this home entertainment system would basically be rounded up as:

*Television Set- HD compatible
*Satellite Dish
*HD Receiver
*HDTV Antenna

What do you get for the money?

A large number of channels, unbeatable screen clarity enhanced with the viewing screen being restricted only by your budget or room dimensions. The competition of HDTV is the cable television network. This network although giving the customer a wide range of stations fails to provide the key factor of pristine clarity of viewing pleasure. The panel LCD or plasma HDTV not only delivers this viewing it also looks extremely modern in keeping with the high definition television experience.

Decision Time Using Review Ratings

The most eminent factor in HDTV's favor is the excellent picture quality received from a HDTV Satellite system in comparison to other mediums available today. The broadcast from local and international sources is delivered in a high quality digital format. The impressive quantity of channels broadcasting down from the satellite to your HDTV television set is also a deciding factor. Improved satellite dish receivers which are considerably small in size in comparison to a few years back means that the satellite dish remains unobtrusively installed.

Some would argue, incorrectly, that the HDTV satellite system is somewhat affected by bad weather conditions which blocks the satellite transmission to your HDTV antenna, dish or receiver. This is not a factor as it is extremely rare to be affected by meteorological storms in the magnitude necessary to affect broadcasting reception.

The flexibility of the packages and plans available from reputable programming stations/suppliers is something you will be pleased to hear. There are plans which normally start at supplying 100 channels and can be tailor made to suit your viewing requirements. The scope and flexibility of satellite HDTV systems also includes the long forgotten medium of radio stations which may be heard from all around the world, a